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Welcome to Catalyst Dog Training

Your home for obedience, rally, and scent work in Redlands (Inland Empire), So Cal

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My name is Trisha Rettig and I run Catalyst Dog Training. I have been training people and their dogs for 10 years. I started training dogs like so many other people, I had a young active dog that needed something to do. So out we went to play a bunch of different sports. Einstein, the dog pictured to the left, introduced me to the world of dog sports and we never looked back again.

Over the years, we’ve learned more sports, played more games, and added more dogs. Through them, I’ve deepened my bond with my dogs and learned how to communicate with them. Training for sports has also given us important outlets their energy and has led to better behaved pets.

My classes are designed to teach you how to teach your dogs. While they’re geared towards preparing people and their dogs to show, you don’t need to plan to compete to join in the fun. Classes are low pressure and we love to laugh and have fun.

If you're interested in learning more about ways to learn with Catalyst click the button below.

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