Competitive obedience is a sport that takes pet obedience skills to the next level. Handlers and dogs go into the ring without food or toys and performed specific exercises. The judge directs the handler which exercises to do, but the exercises are known ahead of time. Exercises are based off of heeling, recalls, positions changes, and other behaviors. The sport has a formal feel, but is fun to both train and show in!




In rally, a handler and dog follow a course designed by signs. More advanced levels have more signs and more complicated behaviors. The handler can't bring food or toys in the ring, but can talk to their dog during the course. Rally is its own sport, but can be used as a springboard to get started in obedience. The behaviors are mostly performed in heel position and require sits, down, stays, stands, and other tricks.

Scent Work


Scent work is modeled after the work that real bomb and drug dogs perform. Instead of searching for bombs or drugs, the dogs search for the odor of essential oils. Dogs search for odor inside and outside buildings, on vehicles, and even buried in dirt! Scent work is perfect for dogs or handlers with limited mobility or dogs with dog and/or people issues. It's also a perfect option for anxious dogs. Scent work is a great confidence-building sport and is a safe way to work dogs in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.