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Group Classes

Catalyst Dog Training currently offers larger (6-8 people) group classes in Riverside, CA. Small group (2-3 people) courses are also available in Redlands, CA.


Courses are designed to teach YOU how to teach your dog. In class you'll get individualized attention focusing on how to solve problems and help you succeed while working on your own. Classes are focused on getting handlers and their dogs into the competition ring, though showing is not a requirement.

Not sure which sport might be right for you? Check out our Introduction to Dog Sports page to learn more!

Scent Work

NW Classes

Scent work, or nose work, is a sport that mimics the work that professional drug or bomb detection dogs do. Dogs are taught to find specific essential oils.

Our nose work (scent work) classes are catered towards AKC and NACSW trials. The foundation course starts dogs immediately on odor and prepares you for an ORT style test by the end of 6 weeks. Ongoing classes focus on the student's and dog's needs.

New Foundation Classes starting in June 15th @ 7:15pm

Obedience and Raly

Obedience and Rally

Competition obedience and rally are about creating a partnership with your dog. In these classes we focus on the skills you'll need to succeed both in the obedience and rally rings.

We'll focus on precise heeling, solid stays, and quick responses to cues. We'll work on proofing behaviors without physical corrections. My methods are ideal for non-traditional and traditional breeds at all levels.

New Foundation Classes starting this summer


Frequently Asked Questions

What level of classes are available?

Catalyst offers two different class levels. The first is a foundation course. This 6-week course designed to lay the foundation for further work. For our scent work classes, this class will get you started on odor day one and end with you prepared to take an ORT style test. In obedience/rally we cover the basics of getting a nice heel with attention, fronts/finishes, heeling with turns, stays, and working under distraction. Both classes come with video follow-ups to the week's lessons.

We also offer an ongoing course. This is a 4-week course that is fully customized to the class's needs. This course will take both instructor and student input for designing lessons that target the needs of the students and their dogs. It is tailored for their goals and upcoming plans.


What are class costs?

Scent Work Foundations - $245/6 weeks (Includes odor kit)
Obedience Foundations - $210/6 weeks
Ongoing Classes (both sports) - $140/4 weeks

How are group classes run?

Because our classes are focused on teaching you to teach your dog, our classes are run a bit differently than most. In most cases, dogs will be worked one at a time in front of the class. This allows for customized, directed training options for you and your dog. Observing students are encouraged to watch and ask questions. Learning to observe is an important part of becoming a good trainer. This one-on-one attention also allows us to focus and make slight changes to perfect your performance.

What is your refund policy?

Group Classes: There are no refunds after the first day of class. All checks will be cashed after the first day.

Are there other learning options?

I also offer both online and in-person private lessons. Occasionally, I also have seminars available. You can learn more at our Learning Options page.

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