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2019 Wrap Up

Oh man, 2019 has been on heck of a year! This was our first full year in So Cal, after relocating from Kansas in 2018. We learned many things about life in So Cal, such as it is very hot for a very long time and with little indoor practice space, it meant we've switched to "summer" sports and "winter" sports to balance everything. We've also learned a lot about showing outside and how to pack for outdoor trials.

Sadly, this year also brought a heartbreaking loss. Einstein, our first dog ever, left us in August. Einstein was the start of everything. He was the reason I started training dogs and taught me so very much. He was scared of a lot of things and taught me how to read dogs. Einstein went from an untrained dog to completing his UD in 3.5 years of training, and two years of showing, down to the same show and the same judge who gave him his first Novice A leg. Many also know him as the demo dog for Margaret's first online nose work classes. Einstein ended up with his UD, NW2, CGC, and TKA. He was also therapy dog certified, passed his herding instinct test, and was a huge part of my life and the one that started it all. My current dogs would not be where they are today if it was not for him.

2019 for Hubble and Ros had some good advancements! In obedience Ros earned a few more OM points, a UDX leg, picked up a Utility B placement, and earned a High in Trial at the local Corgi Specialty. Hubble picked up another spare BN leg at the Golden Nationals and has two CD legs with first placements. He also picked up his CCA (a non-competitive conformation title from the Golden Club) at the nationals. In nose work, Hubble passed all three of his odors on his ORT on the first try. Ros got her birch and anise. We go back for clove in a few weeks. We also added a new sport (as if we don't have enough) with venturing into hunt training with Hubble. We made an attempt at the WC at the golden nationals, but a hay bale blew his mind and he missed the memory bird. He ran as junior test dog a few weeks later and put on a nice show. Ros enjoys coming to hunt training since she gets to run around and get filthy. She also enjoys picking up bumpers, but is less thrilled with dokkens. She enjoys helping everyone set up stations while all the big dogs wait their turns.

2020 brings new goals! We're learning to show outside, which is an adventure. I'm hoping to finish Hubble's CD and Ros's UDX and OM. Ros should pick up her clove ORT. Over the summer we'll hunt for some nose work trials for them both. I'm hoping to get Hubble's JH title completed. However, I have learned year after year that goals must move and change. We'll hit 2020 head on! Let's go training!

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