Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed to focus on you and your dog's specific needs. They're ideal for fixing  problem areas or focusing in on a problem.

Catalyst Dog Training offers both in person and online private lessons to better assist my students

In-person lessons can be highly customized to your needs and can focus on whatever behaviors you wish. Catalyst Dog Training offers private lessons centered in Redlands, CA. We have a fully matted training area with a 6' x 12' mirrored wall to help focus on handler positions. We also have a nearby park with level grass park for outdoor training and pet friendly businesses. Private lessons can also be arranged in Riverside, CA.

Private lessons are $45/30 minutes or $90/60 minutes for local lessons.




Are you a distance student? We offer both recorded videos or live video chat lessons.


For recorded videos, record your training session (limit 5 minutes) and send it to me! We can either schedule a phone call or video chat, or I can provide feedback via e-mail. Cost is $15 for every minute of video.

For live video sessions, we'll set up sessions using a live video software and set up a training plan in advance. Costs are $45/30 minutes or $90/60 minutes.

Payment Policies: All private lessons require prepayment via Venmo (Trisha-Rettig) or Paypal ( There will be an additional $2 per $45 transaction ($4 for $90) fee for all payments via PayPal. Changes to private lessons must be made at least 6 hours before the lesson time. Any cancelations within the 6-hour time frame may result in the retention of the initial payment at my discretion. I will do my best to remind you of your lesson and confirm the lesson time. However, it is solely your responsibility to alert me to any changes.